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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easy Access

Dear All,
For easy access to which items are available or sold, please access the links on the left of the blog. It will be easier for everyone to shop and browse.
Have fun! :)
Miss Sunshine

Lovely Roses

I was in the vain mood and went for eyelash perming but it didn't turned out well but these lovely roses really brightened up my day :) I bumped into a few friends and colleagues yesterday. :) The rose are now resting on my dressing table. Such lovely colours and blooms. It softened the entire room instantly. Have a great day ahead. :)

Enchantment - SGD 15

Another simple and versatile piece. Enchantment features a simply lovely brown star crystal with butterfly clasp and floral toggle.
To own "Enchantment", please email to with the subject "Enchantment"

Cherished ~ SGD 25

I really love this piece. I love the serenity and peacefulness of it all. With the lovely charm as a central piece, it brought a whole new different tone and mood to the wearer.

The really sweet pendant.

I have very few of the laces left as well. This is a mid-length necklace and is oh so versatile. This is also a totally different style from my usual pieces. :)
To own "Cherished", please email to with the subject "Cherished"

Crowning Glory ~ SGD 23

Presenting my brand new series: rings!!! This is my very first ring in Miss Sunshine Closet and there will be more to come :)

Crowning Glory features rhodium ribbon, large blings, pearls, star charm and my last few charms from my previous trip to Hong Kong.

I am very excited and I really love this series alot. I hope everyone will like it too.
To own "Crowning Glory", please email to with the subject "Crowning Glory"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heart in the Ocean ~ SGD 15

This necklace is so mysterious and pretty due to the unique blue shade and I love it so much! The elegant butterfly clasp adds a tinge of vintage feeling to this serene piece. A versatile piece for a day out and even to the beach for a picnic.
To own "Heart in the Ocean", please email to with the subject "Heart in the Ocean"

Ribbon Charm (Pink)~ SGD 11

I really like this "Ribbon Charm" series because it is so versatile and I can mix and match with so many different colours! :)
Crystals of different colours can be requested for this series. To own "Ribbon Charm (Pink)", please email to with the subject "Ribbon Charm (Pink)"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Butterfly Stud ~ SGD 14

This is a simple and wearbale piece which is extremely versatile. The butterflies soften the otherwise metallic image of the earrings. Do note that this piece is meant to be worn as a stud but it is very light so it will not strain your earlobes :) The chains linking the rings and the butterfly are a mix of black and gold.
To own "Butterfly Stud", please email to with the subject "Butterfly Stud"

Butterfly Lover ~ SGD 24

Butterfly Lover is an exquisite piece with remaining white rose beads from my Hong Kong trip and a beautiful butterfly charm as the centre piece. This is truly an eye catching piece and I really love it!! ^___^

A close up :)

To own "Butterfly Lover", please email to with the subject "Butterfly Lover"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Victorian Ribbon ~ SGD 22

Victorian ribbon was an unexpected outcome. I really love the way the flowers, ribbons and butterflies work together and this is truly a very sweet piece which is eye-catching :)
This is definitely my favourite piece for the day :)
To own "Victorian Ribbon", please email to with the subject "Victorian Ribbon"

Harajuku Rebel ~ SGD 12

The bracelet reminds me of my Tokyo visit and the really cool people whom I saw along Harajuku. I really miss Japan and it was great fun to watch the Japanese's impeccable fashion sense :)
Harajuku Rebel comprises of a unique black and gold chain, pure black chain and a 'bling' faux diamond chain.
To own "Harajuku Rebel", please email to with the subject "Harajuku Rebel"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love Customisation!!! ^___^

This is a supremely pretty piece and I love it. My customer wanted a vintage and a mismatched dangling piece and this was the result! I love how the flowers gave such soft touches to the entire outlook and they brighten up the entire piece. I really hope she likes it :)

Cross my heart ~ SGD 13

Cross my heart is another simple, wearable piece. The pretty butterfly clasp acts a tinge of complexity to this piece.
To own "Cross my heart", please email to with the subject "Cross my heart"

Shining Bright ~ SGD 16

Shining Bright is my first chandelier piece and it was so much fun creating the waterfall effects and playing around with the colours to create this mystical touch. I love it to bits and it is so difficult to part with this piece because every part was hand-wired.
To own "Shining Bright", please email to with the subject "Shining Bright"

Deep in Your Heart ~ SGD 9 (Sold)

Deep in your heart is a uber pretty and simple to match piece. I love the way the blue crystals metamorphoses when the lights shine on them... So mysterious and beautiful :)
To own "Deep in your heart", please email to with the subject "Deep in your heart"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Snow ~ SGD 14

This is truly a unique piece as the snowflake centre piece is 3D!!! With the shiny metal and cool coloured crystals, they leave you with a tinge of the 'Snow Queen' image.
To own "Winter Snow", please email to with the subject "Winter Snow"

Dog and Bone ~ SGD 12

I really love this bracelet!! It is a good mix of bling and cuteness :) The charms are the few remaining ones from my overseas trip.

So grab it fast!
To own "Dog and Bone", please email to with the subject "Dog and Bone"

Glimmering Stardust ~ SGD 10 (Sold) - 1 Remake available

This is an interesting piece with a quirky charm. The crystal shining beads in the charm move with your flow :)

To own "Glimmering Stardust", please email to with the subject "Glimmering Stardust"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miss Sunshine's Closet FIRST Flea Market!

Hi all, I am happy to announce to everyone that Miss Sunshine's Closet will be participating in our first ever flea market and it is all for a good cause - to conserve and appreciate mother EARTH :) It will be held this Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 6pm at EAST COAST Park. If you recall the old Big Splash, it has went through a series of revamps. It is now a place where families and friends can congregate as there is a wide array of food and cafes to hang out. :)

Do join us this weekend as Miss Sunshine's Closet will present to you a range of collections from simple trinklets to elaborate ones. Christmas is just round the corner. So do come and support us! As this is a green drive, plastic bags will not be issued. Please bring a recyclable bag. Your trinklets will be stored in a pouch that is complimentary to those who support us :)

At the same time, my affiliation, Miss Sunshine's Runway, will be displaying a range of lovely clothings fit for Summer Singapore and if you intend to head to somewhere chilly, we have loads of Autumn/Winter Apparels too. So if you intend to buy some clothes, a recyclable bag is a must :)

Mode of Payment: Cash only

Price range: $8 and above :)

*** If you buy 2 pieces, the 2nd piece enjoys a 10% discount. (only for trinklets)

So, make a date with us :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Drama ma ma! ~ SGD 17 (Sold)

This is a dramatic piece. I am trying different styles and I created another similar piece cos this is just so easy to match. The centre piece is the dramatic silver clasp which can be worn at the side or even in the middle.

The dark brown pearls and black beads add textures to the necklace. This was another difficult piece to make but I was pleased with the result. :)
To own "Darma ma ma!", please email to with the subject "Darma ma ma!"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ribbon Charm ~ SGD 11 (Sold)

Another really classy and wearable piece. Under good lighting, the crystals really glimmer and glitter away. This is perfect for a weekend date, dinner and even work. I am going to make more of these with other colours.

To own "Ribbon Charm", please email to with the subject "Ribbon Charm"

Dancing in the moonlight ~ $11 (Sold)

This is another rendition of 'Dream a Little Dream of Me" and a simpler one. Coupled with darker crystals, a shinier version of the charms, it is so simple and wearable.
To own "Dancing in the moonlight ", please email to with the subject "Dancing in the moonlight "

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cross my heart (necklace) - SGD 19

Cross my heart took alot of effort to create as I beaded individual faceted black beads to form this necklace but I am please with the outcome. I nearly couldn't part with this piece! A simple and totally wearable piece with a flower clasp.

One of my rare finds: A simple yet eye-catching cross. This is a long necklace.
To own "Cross my heart", please email to with the subject "Cross my heart".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glamour, punk and rock on (earrings)! - SGD 22

I am back after a relatively long hiatus! I am really into black, dark and mystery lately. Thus, explaining why my 2 pieces today are dark and mysterious. :) My camera is not doing the piece alot of justice because of the lighting.
In any case, the guitar charm here is uber cute and pairing with a black and gold infused chain add alot of character to this piece. This mismatch piece is a must if you intend to party through the weekend.

Love the crystals! This is a relatively long piece. :)
To own "Glamour, punk and rock on!", please email to with the subject "Glamour, punk and rock on!"

Customisation-Triple earrings set ^___^

I have finally completed these 3 sets of customised earrings. I am pretty happy with the outcome! It is a challenge as this senior lady has no pierced earholes and I was really racking my brains to think of suitable designs. I sincerely hope she likes it :)

Something with a more oriental design coupled with darker, more mysterious crystals.

A classy and more elegant piece with a faux diamante centre piece, pearls and crystals.

And lastly, a more bling but shorter piece that is more vibrant.

I am satisfied! ^___^

Monday, October 20, 2008

With happiness and bliss...~**

My greatest honour so far at this humble little shop is to see customers returning for more and spreading the words around. So far, my little store caters for a younger crowd and my first challenge has finally arrived and I have to create 3 pairs of earrings of different colour schemes for someone more senior. This is an exciting start for me. This customisation order came from a customer who recommended her mother to get her little trinklets from this store. I am truly honoured :)

Now that I am starting to get more free time as work is starting to move into off-peak mode, I will be starting on new designs and I will be stocking up for my first big event, the Lime Flea Market. I am not too sure if I can get a booth yet but I am crossing my fingers and I hope to meet more people in November.

Meanwhile, I am really working on things. Give me sometime and I will be back for more :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Customisation for the October babies!

A couple bracelet. One is the lock and the other the key. :)

A simple necklace with a lovely crystal pendant :)
I hope the October babies love their pressies! ^___^ I love this series as they are very wearable and simple.

Sharing the joy...Ah mei's concert ROCKS!

Hi all! I know this topic is off tangent but I am still so excited even though the concert is way over. It was a brilliant concert. I never believe in paying close to $200 for a concert ticket. It just wasn't my style but I was more than willing to give Ah Mei's concert a shot as she is my favourite Chinese female singer so far. And....I didn't regret it.

This was the stage display before the actual start of the concert. Silly us didn't dare to bring a digital camera. So the images are from a fan who posted it up at's forum.

Ah Mei appeared on stage! Glamourous!

One of the many bling costumes! I was browsing some blogs and the fans counted that she changed as many as 9 sets of costumes! All lovely and shiny. Very much my cup of tea :) *tee hee*
It was truly an amazing night and if she ever comes back again, I would buy tickets to watch her.
I know I have been procrastinating again. My job is keeping me so busy before I knew it. I will *cross my finger* to post some customise pictures tonight and also new pieces next Tuesday. Sorry to keep everyone waiting!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October babies and pressies!

I had a really cosy birthday celebration with my friends and all the October babies :)

We had a sumptuous dinner before retreating to P.S cafe after much deliberation. It felt like a late Saturday / Sunday and I really hated the fact that we have to work today! *dreads*
I will be loading photos of my customised birthday gifts for the October babies. There were couple bracelets which I thought were really cute and simple :) Then a necklace. I do hope they like the pieces.
Come to think of it. It is going to be Friday tomorrow. I am starting to be in a relaxed mode! *teehee* I will be loading new pieces up this weekend and I am sooooo excited about Ah Mei's concert on Saturday. I can't wait. She is one of my favourite Chinese singers!
Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dream A Little Dream of Me - SGD 20 ~** (Sold)

Today's weather is really reflective of my dreamy look and thus, a pair of whimsical earrings to reflect the whole atmosphere. This is another pair of earrings that I can't part but I know I odd to share the joy. :)
I found the angels on moon charm while I was packing my collections from Hong Kong. This was tucked away somewhere and I instantly got my hands busy :) "Dream A Little Dream of Me" consists of a lovely mixture of pale yellow and white crystals. It also features tiny off white pearls and a crystal droplet at the end.
To own "Dream A Little Dream of Me", please email to with the subject "Dream A Little Dream of Me"

Customisation ~**

This is a customised gift for someone really princessy and classy. I really like this piece alot as it is really wearable and sweet. I almost find it really difficult to part with this pair of earrings.
I hope the birthday girl will like it :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Combination Bangle ~ SGD 19.90

I really love this set of bangle and it is suitable for both women and men. It has a magical twirl of gold and silver.

It has a really unique way of wearing as well. First, you open the clasp.

Then you push the bangle to close. You can choose 3 different level of tightness.

Then, close the clasp :)

This is a really exquisite piece and it is an one piece only. I only managed to buy one back from this trip.
To own "Combination bangle", please email to with the subject "Combination bangle"